How to teach your kids to keep their brains active and sharp



After reading plenty of studies and observing the people in my life, I’ve recently realized how important it is to keep your mind active at all ages and how good it would be to find activities for my son, Ethan to do so as well. As he is still in the process of growing up, getting involved in activities that stimulate both his physical and mental development is a must. Moreover, studies have shown that such activities have tremendous positive effects on preventing the risk of dementia and encouraging cognitive growth. Therefore, in this post, I have decided to focus on something I see as essential, on how you can teach your kids to keep their brains active and sharp.

As science proved it, the first thing one should do is to keep learning new things. So, starting from last week, my son and I began learning German together as we were both interested in the subject. However, learning a new language is not the only means you can use to challenge your mind. Learning a new skill, reading or picking up a new hobby are other ways in which you can ensure that your brain does not get lazy.

Closely related to my previous point, it is also important is to teach your kid how to learn, or, better said, how to prioritize the way in which they use their memory. Many people find learning in general difficult, and the reason this happens is the fact that they only do not know how to learn. So, show your kids the importance of revisiting and repeating the information they have previously learned. Moreover, try to show them that the best way in which one is capable of storing information is to space it out and give the brain enough time to properly stock it.

Another method you could use is to encourage your kids to get plenty of sleep. Because daily we come in contact with an impressive amount of information, a good night’s sleep is crucial if you want your brain to keep active and be prepared to learn and store new data. As science shows, your mind’s sharpness is linked to its ability to make easy connections. Therefore, teach your kids to form sleeping habits as they are likely to come in handy later on.

Last but not least, we all heard the old saying healthy body, healthy mind. So, an important objective all parents should strive to teach their children is how to be physically active. I’m not only referring to encouraging them to practice a sport, simply walking instead of taking the bus home would suffice as long as they spend 30 minutes doing physical activity.



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