My kid wants a microscope – is it worth it ?



Now that Ethan, my little boy, has learned the basics of using a microscope, I thought about writing a post about how we managed to get a good model for our kid. My wife and I went through a lot of trouble to discover the right unit for the knowledge levels of my son, in that we’re only looking at the picture with the viewpoint of adults who have used such a device before. That’s what made it so hard for us to find the perfect model, at least in the beginning.

The older one we had up until recently was a My First Lab Duo-Scope that didn’t need too much work on the part of Ethan. He quickly learned how to use it, and its sturdy construction was a bonus as kids tend to be rather clumsy now and then. What I like the most about this microscope is that it’s not a toy, which is why you can actually use it to look at coins, leaves, orange cells, skin cells, and so on. The fact that it comes with a 50-piece accessory kit is another advantage that sets it aside from the rest of the competition.

Since his skills were progressing at a fast pace, we soon realized that we would have to replace the microscope sooner than later. What we did was sell it on a used items website to another family just like us. It was a high-quality microscope that can do wonders for kids aged 5 to 7, in my opinion, and even for older children if they have no prior experience with ‘playing’ with optics.

The next model we chose was an AmScope M158C-E. I had been reading about this company for some time, and I was impressed that there was a business that manufactured microscopes in the United States of America. I decided to give this model a go because you have the ability to connect it to a computer. Nothing beats seeing the pictures on a larger screen, especially if my son and I can print screen them. What can I say about it? It’s great, although it’s clearly at a higher level than the model I was mentioning at the beginning of the post. It also makes an excellent option for people who teach biology and other fields, I guess, but I wouldn’t know about that other than the fact that it’s been a great help both to my wife and me. Of course, what we like the most is the option to hook it up to a laptop or computer, depending on what we have at our disposal. As you can see, we’re pretty excited about this microscope, and I’m already thinking if we’re not way more excited than Ethan.

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